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The Cameron County Emergency Communication District (or "CCECD") was established in 1986 to arrange for the provision of "9-1-1" Emergency Telephone Number Service (or "ETNS") in Cameron County, Texas; CCECD is not the same entity as the Cameron County "government", and CCECD is a Texas "special law district" formed solely to implement "9-1-1" ETNS in this county (but CCECD does not provide any emergency dispatching service or emergency provider/responder services).

CCECD linked (what is now) AT&T, the nine dispatching centers in Cameron County (also known as Public Safety Answering Points, or "PSAPs") and the various law enforcement, fire and rescue and emergency medical service providers and responders, as well as related state, federal or public service agencies, to (attempt to) quickly and efficiently respond to emergencies throughout the county.

CCECD exists to (attempt to) help the PSAPs (the dispatching centers) and the various emergency service providers and responders, whether local, federal, private, public or state, expedite the dispatching of emergency service providers to various emergencies throughout Cameron County.

Emergency 9-1-1 public education programs for Cameron County focus on educating the public on the appropriate use of 9-1-1.

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